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Have A Go | Samlesbury Longbow Archers

“Have A Go”

Would you like to “Have A Go” at traditional longbow archery?

 One to one “have a go” session can be arranged £20 for two hours.  This charge may be offset against the cost of a beginners’ course

Group sessions are available by arrangement £10 per head minimum charge £100

at Preston Grasshoppers Rugby Union ground where we shoot outdoors.

We provide all the equipment and coaching to get you shooting safely.

Your session will include:

  • Basic tuition in longbow shooting technique
  • Use of the club’s equipment
  • BLBS insurance
  • Instruction in Safety and BLBS Rules of Shooting

For further information, pricing and to make a booking please telephone Alan Cowie on 01772 743916 or email us at enquiries@samlesburylongbowarchers.co.uk.