Four Counties 2021 - Results

17th July 2021
Ladies Gents
Most Hits: Katrina Horton Hamish Freeman
Highest Score: Sarah Davnall Mike Nilsson
Most Golds: Marge Young Lewis Mitchell

Veteran Lady: Marge Young
Veteran Gent: Colin Hope
Best Gold: 60 yards Colin HopeĀ  (centre taken out)
Best Arrow 1st end 60 Yards: Katrina Horton
Best Arrow 1st end 50 Yards: Hamish Freeman
Worst White: Sarah Davnall
Jack and Jill: Marge and Mike Young
Agincourt Volley: Colin Hope
The Champion’s Pound (Golden Groat): Lewis Mitchell


Lancashire Points
Hamish Freeman
Marge Young
Walter Herd
Liam Ashall
Total 1468

Yorkshire Points

Cumbria Points

Full results tables for this shoot can be viewed in the club house or are available on request.