Four Counties 2023 - Results

23 July 2023
Ladies Gents
Most Hits: Jude Lane Dennis Kirkwood
Highest Score: Lorna Woodward Andrew Greenhalgh
Most Golds: Carol Burgess Ian Fleming
Veteran Gent: Lewis Mitchell
Best Gold: 60 yards Les Wynn
Best Arrow 1st end 60 Yards: Jude Lane
Best Arrow 1st end 50 Yards: Dennis Kirkwood
Worst White: Mike Murphy
Jack and Jill: Carol and Peter Burgess
Agincourt Volley: N/A
The Champion’s Pound (Golden Groat): Walter Herd¬†¬† (Lancashire)


Lancashire Points
Jude Lane
Dennis Kirkwood
Walter Herd
Andrew Greenhalgh
Total 1455
Yorkshire Points
Cumbria Points

Full results tables can be viewed in the club house